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About Kiddie Kamp Daycare in the Four Corners

Since 2007 in Farmington, and 2008 in Aztec, NM, Kiddie Kamp has worked for the benefit of Four Corners families. We provide a nurturing environment for kids 6 weeks to 12 years to learn, develop, and socialize, while allowing working mothers, fathers, and guardians to support their families.

Participating in the New Mexico State FOCUS program, Kiddie Kamp is focused on each child’s individual needs and structures lesson planning, activities, nutrition, development (potty training), and scheduling, accordingly. There are three separate centers that are all accepting CYFD state assistance; offer convenient drop-off and pick-up; have a less restricted calendar than local schools; no registration fees; and part time options. Kiddie Kamp is dedicated to making child care accessible to the whole community.

26 employees work with parents and guardians in a communicative and collaborative way with open door policies, regular updates, and communications. This provides a family oriented, safe, and community oriented child care experience. To learn more about enrollment options, contact us today.

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401 NE Aztec Blvd. Aztec, NM 87410